100+ Argumentative Essay Topics for Your Inspiration


Finding the right argumentative essay topics that will hook the reader and keep them until the very end is often a challenge.

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As you can see, the process of getting a dream argumentative essay is quick and simple. Yet, if you have the time and desire to deal with everything on your own, here are some valuable topics you can use.

The List of Good Topics for an Argumentative Essay

Having a couple of easy argumentative essay topics on numerous subjects can become a real time-saver. With our topic suggestions, you won’t spend any extra time searching for valuable ideas and trending issues. Grab any of these themes and sit down to writing; your productivity is sure to rise.

10 Society Argumentative Essay Topics

Writing about society seems easy, but only at first glance. Once you start digging into the deeper processes and dynamics governing its activity, you can get lost. Here are some simple argumentative essay topics able to give an excellent start to your homework completion process.

  1. Dissemination of the modern society.
  2. Society and psychopathy.
  3. The modern ways of using knowledge.
  4. Does the digitization of modern society change the way people acquire and apply knowledge?
  5. Is modern society more tolerant?
  6. The adolescent society: an ecosystem on its own.
  7. The isolated society: disruptive social dynamics of COVID-19.
  8. Nature and society – a new dialogue?
  9. The evolving values of modern society.
  10. The changing standard of “normalcy.”

10 Technology Argumentative Essay Topics

Looking for strong argument essay topics on technology? We have some ideas at hand. Look through them to see if you find anything suitable for your course or research interests.

  1. Technology as experience – a new perspective.
  2. Teaching with technology: is education the same?
  3. The rising culture of technology.
  4. Are technology gains contractionary?
  5. The booming market for technology.
  6. Technology development: social or commercial good?
  7. Catching up with technology: entry barriers for the marginalized groups.
  8. Introducing technology in developing regions.
  9. Technology acceptance – a hearty welcome or resistance to change?
  10. Effect of technology on the teenage sleep duration.

10 Morality Argumentative Essay Topics

There are many easy argument essay topics on the subject of morality to explore, but how to make sure you’ve chosen a really engaging one? Here is a small cheat sheet from our writers with the freshest and most exciting morality topics.

  1. The morality of law is often non-existent.
  2. Recent developments of morality.
  3. There are limits to sacrifices that morality demands.
  4. Morality and technology – a nuanced relationship.
  5. Morality and reason: should they be revisited in the 21st century?
  6. Is morality a myth?
  7. Situation ethics as a new flexible form of morality.
  8. Private and public morality: critical considerations.
  9. Can corporations be genuinely moral?
  10. The morality of emotions: should we be ashamed of genuine feelings?

10 Education Argumentative Essay Topics

Education is also one of the most popular argumentative essay topics chosen by students for their home tasks. But the field is very broad, and you might face the challenge of narrowing down your subject to meet the assignment criteria. Here are some valuable suggestions on what’s trending now in the area of education.

  1. K-12 schools should resume providing in-person learning facilities.
  2. The money derived from taxing the rich should finance education.
  3. Critical race issues should be covered in school education.
  4. National CC standards are outdated and should be changed.
  5. Charter schools need revisiting and reform.
  6. School truancy shouldn’t be punished so harshly by law.
  7. The changing face of education amid globalization.
  8. Education should include core moral value teaching.
  9. Education as a privilege – closing the access gap.
  10. The economic value of higher education.

10 Family Argumentative Essay Topics

A family is a social unit that worries many people, and many family-related issues are explored in argument essay topics. In this section, we have prepared a list of handy topics you can explore.

  1. Essentials of family economics.
  2. More education on family income and expenditure planning should be provided at school.
  3. School curriculum should include education on family importance.
  4. Family disruption.
  5. Matriarchate in families is becoming more common.
  6. Importance of family photography as record-keeping.
  7. In a family, only one parent should work.
  8. Family welfare is a vital support mechanism for struggling families.
  9. Family planning should be taught at school.
  10. Troubled families should be under the constant control of state authorities.

10 Health Argumentative Essay Topics

Among topics for argumentative essay, health issues are topping the list of student preferences. Here are some suggestions on what to write about to make your essay relevant.

  1. E-health is a new reality of modern healthcare.
  2. The intricacies of mental health.
  3. Diabetes as a public health concern.
  4. Obesity – a health issue or a personal choice?
  5. Women’s health issues require better coverage.
  6. Aging and health – new perspectives.
  7. Paths for bringing the health gap worldwide.
  8. Health and traditional medicine.
  9. Alternative medicine – a response to eroding standard of healthcare?
  10. Health promotion practices are essential for empowering communities.

10 Art, Movie, and Literature Argumentative Essay Topics

Argumentative essay topics about art and literature don’t lose their relevance and popularity as well. We have searched the Web to give you a snapshot of what’s popular today.

  1. Literature as the process of exploration.
  2. Modern art – anything substantially new?
  3. The rise of street art – a return to the age of pop culture?
  4. The concept of time in literature.
  5. Approaching philosophical issues through the literary framework.
  6. Science fiction: is such literature of practical value?
  7. How does globalization affect modern art?
  8. The contribution of social media and technology to artistic evolution.
  9. New forms of artistic expression: memes and political cartoons.
  10. Is there room for virtual art?

10 Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

Argument essay topics on Psychology are also one of the top inquiries among our clients. Here is a list of what we consider attractive.

  1. Psychological testing should be mandatory at employment.
  2. Mental health should be given more attention at schools and in the workplace.
  3. Adequate sleep is vital for mental health.
  4. Psychology of crime and deviance.
  5. Psychology of success.
  6. New appeals of marketing psychology.
  7. The psychology of hope: is there still room for it in the modern pragmatic world?
  8. Psychology of action – how to get yourself moving.
  9. The roots of our personality and character – can anyone be a self-made man?
  10. Health psychology should be taken into account at hospital referrals.

10 Law Argumentative Essay Topics

Law is one of the most common topics for argumentative essay – for law students, of course. If you are one of them, here is a set of topics for you to choose from.

  1. Abortion should be legalized worldwide.
  2. Immigration laws should be harsher to stop the refugee crisis.
  3. Legal systems are outdated and need more rapid reform to remain relevant to public needs.
  4. Racism and discrimination laws sometimes go too far.
  5. There is no effective legislation for social security.
  6. Gun control laws are ineffective.
  7. Gay marriage and child adoption should be regulated, not banned, by law.
  8. Banning something takes it underground. What problematic issues truly require is legalization and strict regulation.
  9. People make laws for people, so the legalization process should be quicker.
  10. More education on people’s fundamental rights should be delivered at school.

10 History Argumentative Essay Topics

Essay topics on history are much more complicated to find and formulate than they might seem at first. Here is a quick list of what we’ve found to let you skip the stage of soul searching.

  1. What is the real purpose of knowing history?
  2. Is there a truly objective historical account of events?
  3. The victors write history, so we never know what happened in fact.
  4. Historical accounts may be fake and biased.
  5. History of political development can teach modern leaders on where the country’s heading.
  6. Excessive reliance on history is short-sighted as the context is always different.
  7. Historical lessons about war don’t teach people to be more peaceful.
  8. Knowing history is a sign of good education and intelligence.
  9. Historical knowledge becomes outdated and less valuable today.
  10. The tech culture contributes to a greater focus on the future instead of history.

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