100+ Interesting Presentations Topics That Will Steal the Show


Finding some interesting presentations topics is always topical for students as they need to spend much time studying. Thus, wasting more time on the process of topic selection is often unaffordable. To help you out, we offer two possible options.

First, you can buy essays for college from our experts. In this way, you will always have well-researched, authentic texts written by professional, experienced writers ahead of the deadline. To get the benefit from our service, follow these steps:

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  • Confirm the final product once you see that it’s completed and polished, suiting your expectations.

Another option is to do everything on your own. Even if you decide to follow this path, we have some excellent materials to help you out. Below you’ll find tons of catchy and exciting topics for a presentation that your tutor will love. Choose any of them and sit down to writing – you’re sure to create a masterpiece.

14 Presentation Topic Ideas About Health Care and Life Sciences

Some students think it’s impossible to find interesting presentations topics on healthcare and life sciences because the area is too specialized and tedious. But we have busted this myth by making a list of great subjects for you to explore. Here they are.

  1. The best ways to speed up the healthcare reform.
  2. Telehealth – can it become the new standard of care?
  3. Improving healthcare accessibility for rural populations.
  4. The gender gap in healthcare access: is it a reality?
  5. Healthcare disparities around the world – is good health a regional privilege?
  6. EHRs – is the transition over?
  7. Technology and healthcare – is any progress evident?
  8. VR use in diagnosis and screening.
  9. Genetic testing – progress made after genome sequencing.
  10. What does the future of technology hold for healthcare?
  11. Insurance and healthcare outcomes: unusual connections.
  12. The global population aging and healthcare: new implications.
  13. Healthcare for the refugees: solving the coverage dilemma.
  14. Is public health getting better with technological advances?

12 Presentation Topics on Business and Management

If you need worthy topics for presentation on the subject of business and management, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some great themes for students of all levels and specialties to use.

  1. How does e-business transform the way business activities take place?
  2. E-commerce and e-business – are traditional forms of business dead?
  3. Sustainable innovation in modern business
  4. Contemporary perspectives on business management.
  5. Modern ethical dilemmas in business.
  6. Business and technology: does big data give an undue advantage?
  7. The many faces of integrity in business and management.
  8. Family business and family values.
  9. Corporations and environmental preservation.
  10. Is modern business getting more ecological?
  11. How do modern firms address the growing eco-awareness of their clients?
  12. Business on social media: new modes of customer engagement and management.

12 Interesting Topics for Presentation on English and Literature

Topics for presentation on English and literature are usually subject-specific, so it’s hard to find something universally valuable online. But here is a time-saver from our experts – a set of topics any student will benefit from.

  1. Shakespeare revisited – eternal topics and motifs.
  2. Modernization of English – progress or degradation?
  3. How does the rising heterogeneity of the American population affect the standards of modern English?
  4. Dystopian literature as a response to human concerns about technology.
  5. In which aspects were the authors of science fiction right?
  6. Social dynamics reflected in the literature of that age.
  7. Child literature – what materials to include in early upbringing?
  8. The revolutionary power of literature.
  9. Language as an ecosystem.
  10. Remembrances of 9/11 in fiction.
  11. Can literary works be racist?
  12. Postmodern literature – new themes and structures.

12 Topics for Presentation on Psychology and Education

Psychology and education are exciting subjects concealing many intricacies and nuances. You’re welcome to explore them with our handy list of psychology/education topics for presentation. Each of them can win you a high grade.

  1. The psychology of art.
  2. Marketing as a psychological approach.
  3. How can psychology be applied in daily life?
  4. The psychology of social status.
  5. Are modern attitudes social media-shaped?
  6. The use of statistical methods in education and psychology.
  7. The historical roots of modern psychology.
  8. Unexpected truths about the twists of human psychology.
  9. Putting psychology to action: the ins and outs of getting self-motivated.
  10. The psychology of learning in a diverse classroom.
  11. Psychological consequences of COVID-19 social isolation.
  12. Psychology of communication: how to deliver your message effectively?

11 Presentation Topics on Sociology

Sociology is a field abundant in interesting presentations topics. Here is a small list of what you can use to impress your readers.

  1. How do strangers help society develop?
  2. What has COVID-19 revealed about the modern humanity?
  3. You disclose much more than you think: social media preferences analysis.
  4. The use of knowledge in a tech-savvy society.
  5. The role of women in societies.
  6. The history of class conflict.
  7. Multiple ways of conceptualizing society.
  8. The cycles of social development.
  9. How does social opinion shape politics?
  10. Social order and dissent.
  11. When do revolutions succeed in societies?

10 Presentation Topics on History

History topics for presentation are hard to find because there is much material on the subject. Hence, to surprise your professor, you need to take a creative stance and find something really interesting. Here are some ideas to try.

  1. The whitewashing of the world history.
  2. Is there a universe history of the global civilization?
  3. Checking the credibility of historical sources.
  4. Importance of knowing your country’s history.
  5. What historical lessons should modern society learn?
  6. History is a way of preserving the cultural legacy of a country.
  7. Is it time to rethink history?
  8. Can the history of medicine allow us to get back to simple and effective treatments?
  9. History of communication: evolution of people’s interactions.
  10. The limits of historical analysis.

11 Unusual Topics for Presentation

Finding interesting presentation topics is not hard. The hardest is to make them unusual so that your audience gets really impressed. We’ve dug a bit deeper across the Web and have come up with this list of creative topics for your consideration.

  1. How does augmented reality change modern activism?
  2. The legal side of image recognition.
  3. Does VR change people’s level of empathy?
  4. Unexpected contribution of blockchain to environmental preservation.
  5. The future of money.
  6. Solving the problem of global hunger – what are the solutions?
  7. The way technology is changing today’s perceptions of right and wrong.
  8. Effective ways of ending extreme poverty across the globe.
  9. Media coverage of mass shootings as a contributor to violence.
  10. A new perspective at capitalism provided by COVID-19.
  11. The loopholes of the U.S. patent system are the reason for skyrocketing drug prices.

10 Presentation Topic Ideas About Visual Arts

If you need a topic for presentations on visual arts, visit a local gallery or an online museum to find inspiration. Another option is to look through our topic list below.

  1. Therapeutic effects of visual arts.
  2. Visual arts as a cultural representation.
  3. Copyright law protecting visual arts.
  4. How do people perceive non-traditional works of visual arts?
  5. Images of femininity: evolution through centuries.
  6. Is it ethical to produce modern interpretations of Biblical images?
  7. History of art: a new look at the old works.
  8. Visual arts and self-identification.
  9. The future of arts education.
  10. Art for the art’s sake: is there any value in such works?

How to Choose Good Presentation Topics

The art of choosing interesting presentation topics is not rocket science. The main thing you should take care of is remaining open-minded and sticking to your plan. Once you have some set criteria from your supervisor, the process of topic identification gets way more manageable.

Some additional tips our writers can give are:

  • Always compare the chosen topic with your assignment prompt to make sure it fits.
  • Choose a topic personally interesting for you – it will be easier and more enjoyable to write on it.
  • Narrow the scope of the topic to make the assignment more manageable.
  • Conduct background research to confirm your idea and find some interesting details.
  • Brainstorm ideas.
  • Clarify your standpoint on the topic.

If you’re still clueless about composing a top-notch presentation, there is always a way out. No need to delay an assignment and undermine your grades because of the lack of time or inspiration. Order an outstanding presentation from our pros, and you’re guaranteed a fully authentic, perfectly written product delivered in hours. Study smarter, not harder, and your grades will remain stably high.

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