100+ Persuasive Speech Topics: Original & Explicit


Selecting the best persuasive speech topics may seem simple, but it requires time and effort. Submitting a substandard speech to your tutor will result in poor grades. Thus, ensure you select a relevant and captivating topic before you embark on writing the speech. Evoking emotions in your listeners helps you capture their interest, making your speech influential.

Since speech writing differs from a standard essay, students often grapple with understanding and composing an outstanding speech. One crucial aspect that determines the paper quality is the ability to pick a relevant topic. It helps you to compose a compelling speech that communicates with an intention to the listeners.

Therefore, an exceptional speech requires professionals to plan, research and execute with professionalism.  So, if you are struggling to complete your assignment, type “write my essay,” and we will come to your aid. Get first-hand assistance in selecting an excellent topic that meets your expectations. We offer numerous exhaustive topic ideas to assist you in achieving a top-notch paper.

Persuasive Speech Definition & Purpose

A persuasive speech convinces the listeners to agree with the writer’s perspective. It expresses a particular subject with an in-depth understanding of the topic.

Speech writing entails piecing ideas and information together for public presenting. Understanding how to compose a persuasive speech is essential in persuading your audience to agree with your perspective. Most students encounter challenges when selecting relevant persuasive speech ideas. Since the audience needs to hear the speech and not read it, you must incorporate the proper format and structure it to align with the purpose and intended audience.

Therefore, remember to select a topic you are well-conversant with to achieve an excellent paper. Carry out extensive research on good persuasive speech topics and incorporate a relatable theme in your paper.

Persuasive Speech Topics: How to Come up with the Right One

Preparing a good speech requires proper planning and brainstorming. Usually, topic selection is the most challenging part of speech writing. You need to research extensively, pick the main ideas and incorporate relevant word usage.

Thus, choosing good persuasive speech topics enhances quality speech writing and eventually positive response from the audience. A good speech communicates effectively to the target audience. You cannot underestimate the power of a good speech because it can change the way people perceive certain situations.

An excellent and flawless speech should persuade or entertain a crowd by lifting their spirits. Who wants to listen to a boring speech? No one. Right? Therefore, it is paramount to incorporate some humor and narratives to keep your listeners interested. A good speech should not exceed twenty minutes because of low concentration levels; it is essential to present your main ideas briefly.

Below are qualities of a good speech topic:

  • Portrays relevance to the theme.
  • Relates with the target audience.
  • Simple with catchy phrases.
  • Authentic persuasive speech ideas.
  • Clear and concise.

If you still find it problematic to come up with a catchy topic, contact us and say “do assignment for me,” and our experts will offer quality assistance.

30 Persuasive Speech Topics for Students: Original & Interesting

The theme often impacts the quality of a speech since it has to meet the purpose. For instance, educating, informing, convincing, or motivating your listeners to agree with a specific viewpoint. Persuasive speech topics are usually inspiring, captivating, bold, and clear. The primary objective of selecting a unique topic is to grab the intended audience’s attention from the beginning to the conclusion.

Furthermore, it is paramount to have extensive knowledge and passion about the topic you want to select for your speech.

Below are unique persuasive speech topics to help in the brainstorming phase:

  1. Money is not a guarantee for happiness.
  2. Cooking is an essential life skill.
  3. Education is a means to a fulfilling life.
  4. Advertising guarantees high revenue in businesses.
  5. Introverts have excellent leadership skills.
  6. Regular exercise results in good mental health.
  7. Why teenagers should not engage in relationships.
  8. Impact of social media on teenagers.
  9. Money is the root of all evil.
  10. The government should phase out the penny coins.
  11. Martial arts improve mind-wellness.
  12. Sports are essential in children.
  13. The government should implement free college education.
  14. High school students should participate in community service before graduation.
  15. Violent video games encourage violence in children.
  16. Do bullies deserve punishment?
  17. Overcoming the fear of the unknown.
  18. How to boost public speaking?
  19. Are e-books better than textbooks?
  20. Swimming lessons should be compulsory in schools.
  21. Is it ethical to tame wild animals?
  22. Art and music are essential in healthy living.
  23. Students must nurture talents in school.
  24. Visiting grandparents is therapeutic.
  25. A smartphone is better than a laptop.
  26. The significance of religion and science.
  27. The government should introduce school uniforms.
  28. Should boarding schools be eliminated?
  29. Essay tests are better than multiple choices exams.
  30. The government should stop funding space exploration.

More Persuasive Speech Topics for Your Consideration

The following are interesting persuasive speech topics to jumpstart your writing:

  1. Employees should get allowances despite walking or biking to the office.
  2. The Government must increase the federal minimum wage.
  3. Citizens above 65 years old should not pay bus fare.
  4. People need guns for protection.
  5. Is flag burning considered treason?
  6. The effect of alcoholism on families.
  7. The death penalty should be abolished.
  8. Is it ethical to hold children’s beauty pageants?
  9. Does religion brainwash people?
  10. Do social media platforms promote stalking behaviors?
  11. Is cohabiting better than formal marriage?
  12. Prisoners have a right to vote.
  13. Robots impact the employment sector negatively.
  14. What is the legal age of children to own mobile phones?
  15. The impact of technology on physical libraries.
  16. Does technology affect human interaction?
  17. Technology is a necessary evil.
  18. Parenting using the Internet.
  19. College footballers should be compensated.
  20.  Convicts deserve a second chance.

The Best Persuasive Speech Topics for Successful Presentation

The following are some of the best persuasive speech ideas:

  1. Online learning is better than classroom set-up.
  2. Do security cameras improve safety?
  3. Parents should monitor teenagers’ movements.
  4. When is the right age to start saving?
  5. Credit cards promote financial indiscipline.
  6. Private universities have better education policies.
  7. The impact of drugs on teenagers.
  8. Recycling improves our environment.
  9. Drivers should not use mobile phones while driving.
  10. All companies should pay interns.
  11. Is cheerleading a sport or a hobby?
  12. Cloning humans mock religion.
  13. Testing animals is a violation of animal rights.
  14. GMOs should be expelled from the market.
  15. Peer pressure leads to depression.
  16. Governments should permit marijuana for health purposes.
  17. Plastic bags are dangerous to sea animals.
  18. Social drinking is a habit that results in addiction.
  19. Impact of homeschooling on children’s personality.
  20. Education is the key to success.

Searching for unique speech topics? We have more in store to help you ace your academic papers. Talk to us and get the tailor-made topics that meet your specifications.

How to Pick a Winning Persuasive Speech Topic

One blunder students often make is choosing topics for persuasive speech without careful consideration.

It is imperative to choose a relevant theme that aligns with the intention of the speech. Corporate organizations use speeches to pitch marketing proposals and gain customers’ trust through persuasion about a particular product or service. Moreover, speeches are perfect avenues for communicating important information or generating goodwill to the targeted listeners.

Below are factors to consider while selecting a persuasive speech:


The topic should be familiar to help you generate valuable content. It is imperative to brainstorm and research on the best theme before you embark on writing.


Is your theme in line with the purpose? Ensure you settle on a subject that aligns with the particular issue in the discussion.


Your listeners determine the topic you pick.  If the theme concerns children, ensure the subject resonates with parents and concerned adults.

Research Friendly

Pick a subject that you can easily research comprehensively online. Some topics don’t have credible academic sources, making it challenging to compose an effective speech.

Academic Level

Your academic level also determines topic selection because others are subjects that may be too advanced. Thus, stick to the required academic level to avoid difficulties when articulating ideas.

Speech writing demands the clear articulation of ideas to enhance communication. Preparing a speech without proper planning might confuse your listeners. Moreover, a wrong topic results in a failed assignment. Ensure you deliberate on numerous themes before picking one that is appropriate and captivating.

Stuck with no idea where to start your persuasive speech? Most students who have a writing assignment find it challenging to pick a topic.

If you need help, type “do my assignment for me,” and we will immediately link you with a competent professional. Don’t spend sleepless nights trying to pick a topic. Contact us and allow our experts to compose an exceptional speech that will earn you impressive scores.

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