100+ Sociological Paper Topics to Boost Your Inspiration


Once the time to compose an essay or research paper on sociology comes, you may get stuck with the topic formulation from the very start. One variant to pursue is to use our best essay help. In this way, you’ll save the precious time needed for studies without taking care of any homework writing hassle, such as topic selection, research, drafting the text, polishing the final draft, and proofreading. If you want to do everything on your own, here’s our super-helpful list of interesting, non-trivial sociological paper topics to explore.

Sociology Research Topics: Virtual Reality

If you study at the Department of Computer Science, you’re sure to be assigned a sociology research paper topic one day.

How to manage it well and where to look for high-quality, original sociology research proposal topics? Here is our go-to list for you to consider.

  1. Virtual reality: an introduction to key concepts and technologies.
  2. Origin of virtual reality technology.
  3. How does VR mimic human behavior in a real environment?
  4. How are immersion and interaction achieved in VR?
  5. Virtual reality: the way it appeals to the human senses.
  6. Is virtual reality the future of human interaction?
  7. Commercial uses of VR: is humanity getting intentionally addicted to virtual reality at the expense of face-to-face interaction?
  8. Augmented and virtual reality: why is their introduction a paradigm shift in modern communication?
  9. Morality and ethics of using VR.
  10. What does the future hold for VR?
  11. Is the use of VR in education appropriate and ethical?
  12. The integration of VR in the workplaces – do workers have the right to disagree?
  13. Should the use of VR be limited to entertainment?
  14. How real should virtual reality be?
  15. Virtual versus artificial reality: what’s the difference?
  16. What does VR have to do with interactivity?
  17. Virtual worlds – do they increase social isolation?
  18. Can people really get addicted to virtual reality?
  19. VR use in psychotherapy: ethical considerations and realistic outcomes.
  20. How can science and medicine benefit from VR innovations?

Sociology Research Paper Topics: Children and Teenagers

Sociological paper topics on the subject of the generation gap will always be topical.

Inter-generational psychology is one of the hottest sociology research proposal topics today, so you can enjoy this list of new, engaging topics and pick one to compose an outstanding academic product:

  1. Essentials of working with troubled children and teenagers.
  2. Bedwetting by children and teenagers: seeking real causes and effective solutions
  3. Violence by and against children: a vicious cycle?
  4. Safety skills for children and teenagers outside the home.
  5. What is the best way to make sure the babysitter you hire is the right person?
  6. Parental strategies for keeping teenagers away from violence.
  7. At what age should children start walking to school alone?
  8. Alarming signs of sexual abuse: spotting the predators in your environment.
  9. Parental stress about safety precautions: how to find a balance between child preparedness and neurosis?
  10. Children and teenagers as consumers: do marketers target the most vulnerable?
  11. Dealing with a child or teenager with attachment difficulty.
  12. Arranging parties for an autistic child or teenager.
  13. Child/teenager depression: causes and ways of management.
  14. How to address the early signs of child disobedience: smoking.
  15. Discipline for children and adolescents: finding the proper balance.
  16. Can harsh discipline raise a strong leader?
  17. Keeping children from trauma in troubled families: how to protect children’s mental health during divorce and alcohol/drug abuse treatment.
  18. Children and digital media: how much is too much?
  19. Occupational therapy for problematic children and adolescents.
  20. Raising your child’s self-awareness and self-reflection – a path to better self-regulation.
  21. Media literacy: how to raise children’s tech-savviness without nurturing gadget addiction?

Sociology Research Topics: Deviant Behavior

Are you interested in sociology papers topics surrounding deviance and the psychology of crime? Here are some editor’s picks to help you get the essay writing process started.

We have also prepared some interesting sociological research questions in this section to inform you about the trending subjects in this area:

  1. Does the standard always work? Guidelines to establishing deviance.
  2. Deviance as a consciously chosen or biologically predetermined feature – the ongoing debate.
  3. Theories of criminal deviance – still relevant in the 21st century?
  4. Biological causes of deviance: where to look for them?
  5. Do personality defects and attributes contribute to psychopathy more than biology?
  6. Deviance as a subculture – how to treat the socially formed criminal culture?
  7. Deviance versus labeling – the difference in the standards of the ‘normal.’
  8. Interest group conflict – is it always a form of deviance?
  9. Types of deviance considered criminal offenses.
  10. Deviance in organizations: theft, corruption, and organized crime.
  11. A new outlook at corporate deviance: price-fixing.
  12. The sociology of organized crime.
  13. Is alcoholism a form of deviance?
  14. To what extent are people with mental health issues prone to deviant behavior?
  15. Mental disease and deviance: established terms or socially imposed myths?
  16. Under what grounds can suicide be considered deviance?
  17. Deviance in the 21st century – manifestations of cyber deviance.
  18. Homosexuality as deviance.
  19. Can deviance be positive in some cases?
  20. The politics of deviance: societies as deviants’ manufacture.

Sociology Research Paper Topics: Social Movements and Groups

The sociology research paper topic of social movements and groups may only seem complicated at first glance. It is an exciting aspect of sociology that can uncover many hidden implications of socially determined behavior and changes.

Please choose one of our sociological paper topics from the list below, and you’re sure to impress your tutor and classmates with original argumentation and out-of-the-box thinking:

  1. Social movements in an organizational society.
  2. Social movements in non-democratic societies: any progress?
  3. The contribution of social movements to legal change.
  4. Movements and marginalization.
  5. Inclusion and identity in special-purpose social movements.
  6. Social movements in sociology and political science: two different perspectives.
  7. Participation in groups as a remedy for depression.
  8. Social movements and global migration.
  9. The evolution of social movements with urbanization.
  10. Constraints and opportunities networks give to individuals.
  11. Is terrorism a social movement?
  12. Social media is a powerful tool for social micro-mobilization.
  13. The emotional component of joining a social movement or group.
  14. New technologies and member communication in groups.
  15. Social movements and political violence – do they always go hand in hand?
  16. The cultural component of joining a social movement.
  17. The art of social movement initiation: how to make people follow you?
  18. Is there room for truly global social movements?
  19. Social movements and protests.
  20. Are all social movements democracy-focused?

Sociology Research Topics: Stereotypes

Stereotypes are also one of the most appealing sociological paper topics students like to explore in their writing. We are all subject to the influence of stereotypes to a certain extent, so bringing these hidden effects to the surface and analyzing them with rigorous research is always a super-useful activity. Look through the following list of sociology papers topics about stereotypes and choose the one arousing the greatest interest in you.

You’re sure to craft an outstanding paper if you’re genuinely excited about the subject:

  1. Minority people stereotyping: is it obsolete in the modern globalized world?
  2. The refugee crisis and racial stereotyping.
  3. Age stereotyping and television.
  4. Addressing stereotypes as social concepts.
  5. The evolution of sex stereotypes in the era of diversity.
  6. Collective and individual stereotypes.
  7. The social and psychological foundation for stereotype emergence.
  8. Accuracy of existing stereotypes – how to identify it?
  9. Physical appearance as a basis for stereotypical labeling.
  10. The language of stereotyping.
  11. How stereotyping leads to discrimination.
  12. Is the 21st century the time of fading racial stereotypes?
  13. The process of stereotype activation.
  14. Gender stereotypes and social roles – an essential connection.
  15. Stereotypes as a means of self-image maintenance.
  16. How can stereotypes be communicated non-verbally?
  17. Emotional consequences of exposure to stigmatization.
  18. Stereotype-based crime.
  19. Sexuality stereotypes: from difference to pathology.
  20. Stereotypes as a basis for bias.

Hopefully, you’ve found a topic to your liking on our list.

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