An Introduction to Death Penalty Argumentative Essays Writing


Death penalty argumentative essays are part and parcel of the educational process at many departments.

Whether you are a law student or take a class on ethics or logic, you might be tasked with such an assignment. Ethical dilemmas surrounding the issues of the death penalty, abortion, medical marijuana legalization, immigration, etc., are irreconcilable, with opponents and proponents always having substantial grounds for their positions.

Thus, as soon as you are tasked with writing such a home task, you can use our website’s informational and academic assistance in many ways. One, you can type, “do my assignment online,” and our author will be more than happy to help. Two, you can attempt to perform the death penalty assignment on your own by following our tips step by step.

Here you’ll find detailed guidance on:

  • Structuring your death penalty paper.
  • Outlining the assignment.
  • Finding relevant and credible sources to back your arguments.
  • Ensuring proper citations.
  • Double-checking whether everything is done correctly before submission.
  • Navigating through the number of pro and con arguments to formulate a robust and reasonable standpoint on the issue of capital punishment.

Now that you’re on the task, let’s cover the writing process in a simple, easily understandable format so that you can follow the steps and craft your own paper.

Can the Death Penalty Be Effective?

The initial step to take when composing death penalty argumentative essays is to determine your position on the subject. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong position in this debate. Otherwise, the dilemma would have been closed many years ago, with one side winning the battle.

But don’t take the issue too personally or subjectively. Whatever side you take, your core task is to substantiate the position with firm evidence. An argumentative essay is always aimed to convince the audience. Thus, saying things like “death penalty is bad because I think it is bad” will never fetch you a high grade. Here are the key steps to take for the composition of an outstanding work your tutor will love.

Conduct Research on the Subject

The initial stage of your death penalty essay is preliminary research. It is needed not to make unjustified claims and to sound academic in your writing. Death penalty is an emotional subject, so we always risk sliding into claims about killing people, unjust and cruel punishment, etc. But the truth is that these claims are subjective, and your tutor expects an evidence-based, factual argument.

To enrich your paper with facts, statistics, and evidence, conduct some preliminary search on the general subject “death penalty.” Within 10-15 minutes, you’ll be abreast of the latest news on the subject, the hottest debates in this area, unresolved issues, and proposed changes. Focus on some specific area within the debate and dig deeper into the subject.

For instance, you can focus on the death penalty in the Middle East. Here, your arguments can focus on:

  • The death penalty is a cultural more than legal tradition.
  • The cruelty of capital punishment methods.
  • The use of capital punishment as a political measure in non-democratic countries.
  • Arabic states that have abolished the death penalty and those that still have it in place.

Search for several sources on each of the identified sub-topics, and soon you’ll come up with a good set of academic literature to base your writing on.

Draft an Outline

Now that you have some sources at hand and understand the topic more in-depth, it’s time to create a navigation map for your death penalty argumentative essay. Here are the key components it should include:

INTRODUCTION: the general context and topic of your essay + a thesis statement

BODY OF THE PAPER: major arguments supporting your thesis statement

CONCLUSION: a summary of main points + a reference to a broader context

If we continue with the death penalty topic discussed above, the resulting outline could look like this:

INTRODUCTION: general overview of the death penalty as a type of punishment for a crime. Global statistics on people executed today. Comparison of Middle East with other regions/countries

THESIS STATEMENT: As capital punishment in the Middle East is still commonplace, this paper will examine the prevalence of this practice in the region, determining whether it corresponds to the original aim and mission.


Body paragraph 1: an overview of capital punishment in the Middle East. Countries where it is still practiced. Annual statistics on executions.

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