Gun Control Essay: How-To Guide for Beginners


Gun ownership and control has been a controversial discussion for many years globally. Today, it still elicits contentious debates whether it is legal for people to own guns freely or not.

That is why many college professors find this topic rich in content for composing a gun control essay. It is similar to an argumentative essay since the writer introduces the essay, presents arguments with valid evidence, and concludes with their perspective on the analysis.

Most students often encounter a gun control essay prompt due to the magnitude of the debate. While it may seem like a simple task, it involves hours of research and drafting before writing the final paper. You must deliver a top-notch paper with an excellent articulation of ideas to get impressive grades.

This article offers a comprehensive guide on how to write a gun control argumentative essay and tips to craft a stellar paper.

How to Get Started

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What Is Gun Control?

It is imperative to understand gun control and what it entails before we discuss the essay.

The upsurge of mass shootings globally is a serious problem, especially in the USA. Research reveals that there are more guns than people, resulting in violence and innocent deaths. America has approximately 265 million firearms, where 3% who own half the guns are adults. Therefore, the gun control law’s introduction is to regulate the manufacture, ownership, and utilization of guns.

Regulating firearm use translates to safety for all civilians. However, activists campaigning for the gun law argue that easy gun accessibility is not a solution to prevent mass shootings, making it a challenge to implement the regulation.

Those people opposing the gun laws argue, stating that the government fails to offer sufficient protection. Thus, civilians opt to purchase firearms for self-defense. Conversely, pro-campaigners argue that only the state officers and police should own guns because of increased mass shootings. The Guardian reports that the USA registers over 30,000 firearm deaths globally.

One critical argument from the pro-campaigners states that the law must undergo amendments to safeguard gun storage and utilization. Insecure storage leads to school shootings since students can access the guns easily from their parents. Subsequently, the students take the firearms to school and murder at the slightest provocation. Though the opposing crusaders feel that firearms translate to safety, many innocent victims die in unlawful killings.

Furthermore, the people supporting gun control advocate for an amendment to monitor gun utilization or forbid civilians from possessing firearms.  Besides, educators and parents are implementing measures to teach children about guns and their impact on today’s society through forums, seminars, and academic papers. Professionals usually assign students to write a gun control essay to conduct thorough research and analysis of published papers about the topic. Thus, the essay enlightens the students about the laws and impact of gun control regulations.

Amend the Second Amendment?

The USA’s gun law allows individuals to possess firearms as long as they follow the state laws under their jurisdiction. While a federal and state law exists to govern the civilians, there are grey areas in the law.

The original law, also known as the second amendment, states that civilians have a right to possess guns. However, gun activists continue to advocate for amendments due to various reasons.

  • The law was passed in a different era.
  • The law needs to align with modernization.
  • Many countries pass strict gun laws.
  • Civilians possessing firearms wouldn’t enjoy government protection.

Amending the second amendment will regulate gun ownership and allow the responsible use of firearms.

Essay Titles

The title is a crucial part of allowing the reader to know the direction of your essay. Selecting a catchy topic helps you in captivating your audience to read your paper. Avoid rushing in topic selection because you might jeopardize the entire essay with the wrong title. Creativity sparks a unique title that will interest your readers. Thus, take your time and choose a relevant title with insightful arguments.

Below are examples of gun control essay titles to jumpstart your writing.

In Support of Gun Control

  • Gun control decreases youth violence.
  • The parameters of gun ownership.
  • Arm the police, unarm the civilians.
  • Ban entry of illegal weapons in the country.
  • Gun control law reduces social risks.

Against Gun Control

  • Impact of gun ownership on teenagers.
  • How gun control promotes criminal activities.
  • Gun control affects the right to life.
  • Guns are a hazard to teenagers.
  • Gun control is not a solution to mass shootings.

Pick a topic you are comfortable discussing and proceed to research extensively. Don’t forget that factual data is a requirement to support your opinions. Then, you can proceed to outline your paper in preparation for the writing phase.

Creating an Outline of Your Work

Most students often underestimate the significance of creating an outline. It acts as a guide in helping you to organize your thoughts and conducting relevant research.

Below is an overview of how to outline your gun control paper.


This section consists of the gun control essay introduction, which is a crucial part of determining the success or failure of your analysis. Include one or two hook sentences to capture the readers’ attention.

Write brief background information to make the audience understand the essay direction and what it entails.

This section also comprises a thesis statement that highlights the essay theme and essential points. Make it clear and concise to communicate to the readers what to expect.


Usually, a gun essay takes up an argumentative essay type due to its debatable nature. This section presents all the arguments using logic with supporting evidence. Once you present your opinion, ensure you incorporate a statistic that proves your viewpoint.

Each paragraph should contain one argument at a time to avoid confusing the readers. It is essential to carry out extensive research with valid evidence. Don’t forget to use transitional phrases to make your paper more engaging and sensible.


Finally, conclude your essay by restating the central points in the body. Let your readers know your stand concerning the issue of gun control. Are you in favor of the gun law or against it? Make sure you write a firm and definite conclusion that leaves a lasting impression. It can be a plea or a question that makes the reader reflect on your thesis.

Don’t forget to add a reference section with proper citations from reliable research sources.

Gun Control Essay: Pro Tips

Composing a gun control paper is an uphill task for many students. But with practical tips, you can craft a top-notch essay with ease.

The following are tips to make your writing easier.

Support Your Arguments

After presenting an opinion, ensure you support it with valid evidence or data. A persuasive essay must have supporting information to back up the analysis.

Logic and Transitional Flow

Avoid boring your audience with vague sentences and complicated jargon. Ensure you compose your essay using logic while incorporating transitional phrases. Let your essay flow from one paragraph to the next with a clear articulation of ideas.

Latest Research

Since students have been debating the topic for many years, try to incorporate a new twist to engage the readers. Thus, conduct extensive research to uncover current information and make your essay different from the rest.

Human Perspective

It is essential to analyze your paper from a human perspective. Even though the law can allow individuals to own firearms, not everyone has the will to use a gun. Thus, conduct your research on human consideration.


Since everyone is entitled to their opinion, ensure you present your ethical standpoint regarding gun control. Don’t rely on other people’s arguments to state your perspective on the issue.

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