Original Persuasive Speech Topics for College Students


Most students are always on a quest for engaging and unusual persuasive speech topics for college. Having a good topic is a beautiful start as you can easily find valuable sources and build an argument for the draft.

Here is our exhaustive list of topics for speeches of all kinds; use it to find your best pick and compose an outstanding presentation.

15 Persuasive Speech Topics: Health Care

Here is a handy list of healthcare persuasive essay topics college students will appreciate. We have compiled all the best recommendations and burning issues from the area to let you impress the tutor.

  1. Entrepreneurship is unacceptable in healthcare.
  2. Towards safer healthcare – what strategies we can adopt.
  3. A socio-technical approach to healthcare: designing care that works.
  4. Rural healthcare: an evergreen problem.
  5. Resilient healthcare – how to help patients cope with their conditions better.
  6. Healthcare and IT – new paths for strengthening the synergy.
  7. Smart healthcare: is there room for improvement?
  8. TQM in healthcare – a radical improvement of patient outcomes.
  9. Strategies to ensure compliance in healthcare.
  10. Biomechatronics: a new word in the world of healthcare.
  11. Healthcare skill development via simulation: the new role of VR.
  12. Customer-centric care: is customer satisfaction the cornerstone of modern healthcare?
  13. Healthcare and big data: is there a future for the synergy?
  14. Access barriers in pediatric healthcare: urgent action needed.
  15. Nanotechnology in healthcare – a way forward.

15 Explicit Speech Topics on Economics

Economics is not everyone’s piece of cake, and we know how hard it is to find a manageable and interesting subject for a home assignment.

So, we have searched the Web and have made up a list of the best persuasive speech topics for college students studying in the Economics department. With our topics, economics will never be a tedious or complicated subject.

  1. Crisis of capitalism – why is it so relevant today?
  2. Economic evolution and social problems – need for a complex approach.
  3. Econophysics – a new approach to understanding economic processes.
  4. Economics: is there room for private interest?
  5. Economics and transparency – a paradox or an alliance?
  6. Introduction to heterodox economics and its relevance in the 21st century.
  7. Has oil economics come to an end?
  8. Global economic reform: still too vague to succeed?
  9. What can ancient economic practices teach the modern community?
  10. Economics and war – the connection needs to be understood better.
  11. Is the 21st century indeed a start of green economics?
  12. International economics – truly global or increasingly nationalist?
  13. Economics and terrorism.
  14. Economics of sport – hidden processes and dynamics.
  15. Economics and antitrust laws – the evolution of economic justice.

Persuasive Speech Topics for Law Students

Writing your way at the Law department may be too complicated for a beginner. You need to master many laws, regulations, and policies at once, keeping them all in your head to produce valuable, persuasive arguments.

Here is a cheat sheet for you – we have prepared some persuasive speech topics for college that your Law professor is sure to love.

  1. The changing law on illegal migration.
  2. Citizenship in return for investment: is it legal?
  3. International commercial arbitration as an alternative to litigation – are all parties’ rights secured?
  4. The death penalty is a fair legal punishment for violent crimes.
  5. Owning exotic pets should be banned.
  6. Law should protect the official status of English as the only official language in the USA.
  7. Gambling and cybersports should be kept illegal as they are highly addictive.
  8. Smoking in public places should be illegal worldwide.
  9. Child labor should be made illegal in all countries.
  10. Spam and cyber-bullying should be punished by law.
  11. Homosexual marriage is still a gray legal area that requires more detailed legislation.
  12. Convicted felons should be deprived of voting rights.
  13. Amid the aggravating immigrant crisis, illegal migration laws should be made harsher.
  14. Paparazzi intrusions should be punished by law.

12 Interesting Ideas on Social Issues

Are you in search of unique persuasive speech topics for college students? This section contains exclusive guidance on unique social issues nobody might embrace before you. Look through the list and think of writing a speech on these subjects – your presentation is sure to rock!

  1. Bioengineering is unethical and requires more legal work before introduction.
  2. Transportation is vital for closing the access gap for rural communities.
  3. Labor laws should be changed.
  4. The hidden consequences of refusal to deliver healthcare.
  5. The new manifestations of discrimination: ageism.
  6. Anti-obesity campaigns in marketing – are they ethical?
  7. Society shaming for non-prestigious professions.
  8. The ugly truth of body modification.
  9. The rise of traditional medicine across the globe.
  10. The US-Mexico wall – what is the real purpose of building it?
  11. Refugee deportation – following the law or depriving people of the last chance?
  12. Raising the children of war – a need for more nuanced approaches.

11 Speech Topics on Environmental Studies

The environment remains one of the most pressing and most popular persuasive speech topics college students explore in their public performances. So why invent the wheel?

Pick one of the suggestions below and get you an A grade for this assignment.

  1. Environment and philosophy – hidden connections.
  2. The intricate link between gender and environment: the rise of eco-feminism.
  3. Aquatic environment – the most endangered habitat.
  4. Agricultural progress vs. environmental protection.
  5. Do agricultural activities lead to environmental degradation?
  6. Technology at the service of the environment.
  7. Using economic incentives to achieve environmental goals.
  8. Human identity and the natural environment: a path to a better environmental policy.
  9. How wars contaminate the environment.
  10. Legal Control of the environment: is it really possible?
  11. Child education on recycling – can it lead to a greener environment?

11 Speech Topics on Education

If you are a Pedagogy department student, your sole concern is about the past, present, and future of education.

Here are some interesting topics in this area that you may pick for research and speech writing.

  1. Datafication of education: menace or blessing?
  2. Is there a place for religious education in modern schools?
  3. Forced seating and bullying.
  4. Higher education – still a privilege for the chosen few?
  5. Deprofessionalization in education.
  6. Evolving values transmitted through education.
  7. Does education truly empower?
  8. Scientific research and education – closing the gap.
  9. What is the current crisis of education about?
  10. Education and markets – is education getting more commercialized?
  11. Google Classroom – is it progress or betrayal of traditional education?

11 Political Topics for Speech Writing

Politics is all about speeches and presentations, so there is no need to look hard to find some valuable, burning issue for speech presentation.

Here is a brief recap of what is trending in world politics today – maybe some of the topics will inspire you for a new masterpiece?

  1. Is laxer’s attitude to social quarantines a proper solution for European and U.S. politics in 2021?
  2. Economic relief for COVID-19 stricken populations – can it really help the economy?
  3. The legalization of gay marriage is a pressing political issue.
  4. Planned Parenthood funding – should it go on?
  5. Adding gender identity to anti-discrimination laws – is it possible?
  6. Free birth control by insurance providers – what are the implications?
  7. Hate speech should face further tightening of legislation.
  8. Taxes from the rich should be used to finance student loans.
  9. The government should take a more active role in educational financing.
  10. Gun control should become stricter to avoid mass shootings.
  11. Social media require tighter regulation.

10 More Topics for Creative Speech Writing

If none of the discussed variants suits you, think of the following extras (they may be universal for all courses and departments because of universality and never-ending topicality):

  1. Men and women should be paid the same salary.
  2. Corporations should be taxed higher to finance the troubled social areas.
  3. Economic stimuli have only a limited positive effect during recessions.
  4. A universal basic income program should be initiated worldwide.
  5. Paid maternity leave should be extended and protected by law.
  6. The impact of trade unions on the economy: two sides of the medal.
  7. The USA and NAFTA: prospects and risks.
  8. The future of gig workers’ official employment status.
  9. Should law enforce mandatory mask-wearing permanently?
  10. Life-saving drugs should be financed by the government and have a fixed price.

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