Poem Analysis Essay from Scratch: What to Do


Need help to compose an exceptional poetry analysis essay? Most students find poetry papers quite challenging due to the literary writing techniques and extensive analysis. The analysis requires time and effort to attain a top-notch paper.

Poems differ from formal essays because they follow a particular style. The literary form of writing communicates through a more profound message, rhythm, and sound. Poem examination is a critical skill that students need when composing a poetry essay.

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This article aims to offer insightful information on how to write a poem analysis essay and tips to choose the best topic.

What Is a Poetry Analysis Essay?

What is a poetry analysis essay? It involves a review of various poems in terms of style, structure, and function. Poems usually express deep feelings due to the literary devices and intricate words. You need to scrutinize each word and identify the rhythm to comprehend the meaning of a particular poem.

Composing a persuasive poem analysis essay needs an extensive evaluation of the poet’s choices and the effects. You must also analyze all the stylistic devices in the masterpiece.

The first critical step entails reading the poem at hand keenly. Read it several times and allow it to sink in your mind. It helps you to familiarize yourself with the poem to develop a rich analysis. Identify all techniques the poet used in the composition, such as rhymes, end-stopped lines, meter, metaphors, etc.

It is imperative to understand all the elements since they are the intricate details that impact a poem’s meaning. Therefore, you can research the terms to have a clear understanding of each element. That is why it is also essential to choose a familiar poem to help in simplifying the analysis.

Types of poems include the limerick, haiku, free verse, sonnet, among others.

Students must study each type to comprehend the details since the structure often relates to the content.

What Is a Technical Analysis Worksheet?

After thoroughly scrutinizing the technical characteristics of the particular poem you want to analyze, it is vital to research the background. Thorough investigation allows you to reveal the poet’s details, the composition date, and critical information about the poem’s context. Incorporating the poem analysis essay’s technical aspect allows the reader to have a deeper connection with the poem.

Moreover, if you connect with the poem, you will be better positioned to conduct a comprehensive poem investigation. Hence, resulting in an exceptional paper that communicates effectively to your target audience.

Free Worksheet Sample

College tutors may assign students a poetry analysis outline on a worksheet with a prompt poem. Such a situation comprises specific limitations that you need to derive your analysis. You cannot include your personal observation outside the parameters. Thus, you must develop a clear structure that will bring out the instructions.

Let us discuss a sample poetry analysis essay of “The Tyger” by William Blake.

This poem allows the author to analyze the first developing theme about the ferocious nature of a tiger. Using this approach reveals God’s power in both beauty and terror. For instance, the creation is a beautiful process, but the result is a terrifying creature.

However, other analysts might use another strategy to interpret the poem in today’s modern society. For instance, they compare the tiger’s beauty and fear to the strides in the Industrial Revolution era, the period when Blake composed this poem.

Subject Matter Explained

Finally, the subject is an essential element that determines a compelling composition in poetry study. You must identify the theme before you embark on putting your findings.

When you break down a poem to define the meaning, mood, tonal variation, and central theme, you will discover the subject. Eventually, it leads you to a more profound knowledge of the message in the poem.

Usually, many students encounter challenges because they have varied interpretations of the poem. Each individual can have a different message from the poet through scrutinizing the subject. Therefore, it is imperative to present multiple theories with evidence to support your research. Incorporate your opinions in the body and build your essay with factual data. Ultimately, you will achieve an exceptional essay that resonates with your audience.

Guide to Creating an Outline

A poetry analysis outline is a simple guide that permits the writer to develop their essay. It is vital to create an outline to avoid missing critical sections in your paper. The poetry analysis follows a typical essay’s structure; it comprises an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.


The writer introduces the poem and indicates the purpose of the analysis. Since it is a crucial section, you must include hook sentences to grab the audience’s interest. Include brief background information about your topic and thesis statement to give a lead to the essay.


Here, the author must present detailed information about the poem’s elements. If your tutor gave parameters, it is essential to approach the analysis within the set instructions. Otherwise, include multiple interpretations with supporting evidence. Ensure you present each approach in a new paragraph.


Finally, conclude your essay by paraphrasing the thesis statement and summarizing the main points highlighted in the body. This step is also critical since it leaves the readers with either a positive or negative impression. Thus, ensure you indicate why you feel the analysis is essential and how it impacts the audience.

The above poetry analysis outline will help you compose a stellar essay that will impress your tutor and boost your figurative intelligence.

An Analysis of The Little Black Boy

Let us examine a poem analysis essay example to help you get a more in-depth knowledge of poetry analysis.

  1. Introduction

The Little Black Boy by William Blake is the subject of analysis, depicting societal vices in the past. Racial discrimination was a problem in the past and is still a huge problem in today’s modern society.

  1. Body
  1. Technicalities

William Blake incorporates literary devices such as personification, imagery, similes, and metaphors to engage the readers.

  1. Context
  • The poet is William Blake, and the date of creation is 1789
  • The poem reveals culture where the black race implies bad while white is good. The poem brings out the social segregation of black people in a westernized setting.

III. Subject matter

  • The poem has a sad tome and a nostalgic and self-reflective mood.
  • Racism, equality, and God’s love are the main subject matters.
  • Evidence states that the issue of racism is still present in today’s modern world. For instance, the USA and UK still stigmatize Africans due to race.
  1. Conclusion

Human beings are equal in God’s eyes, and we should treat each other with respect, regardless of race, gender, or status.

How to Choose a Winning Topic

Picking a topic is usually a daunting task, even for standard essays. When choosing a perfect topic, one must ensure the theme is relevant and resonates with the analysis. While it may seem complicated, you can compose a unique paper with a few tips up your sleeve.

Here are tips to help you in choosing a suitable topic.

Familiar Poem

Ensure you pick a poem that you know to allow smooth analysis. If you choose an unfamiliar poem, you might end up jeopardizing your paper.

Type of Analysis

Another aspect of topic selection is identifying the type of analysis you want to execute. You may opt to scrutinize the entire poem or focus on a single literary device like imagery.


It is paramount to conduct extensive research before settling on a particular poem. Identify the several meanings and whether it has enough content for analysis.

Proper Outline

Using an appropriate outline ensures you have a logical and transitional flow on each section.

Can’t stand the pressure of composing a poem analysis essay? Examining poems is an uphill task for most students due to the complicated literary devices used and the numerous meanings. Follow the guideline above to develop an excellent essay that captures all the literary elements.

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