Research Paper Example: a Complete Writing Guide


Writing research papers is a task that not everyone can master quickly. Learning to compose such academic assignments is a process requiring time and concentration. So, if you’re short of time, you can think, “let me contact my essay writer to get an excellent research paper quickly.” We are always happy to process your orders and complete outstanding papers for top grades. But if you’ve decided to do everything on your own, then you’ll surely find our handy research paper example valuable.

Our expert writers have prepared a step-by-step guide for you to go through the entire research paper completion process with experienced pros. Look through this post and follow the critical steps outlined here to produce memorable, correct assignments and keep your academic performance stably high.

What Is a Paper Outline?

The first point of reference is a college research paper outline. Having a correctly written and logical outline is a sure way to get the process started; without such a navigation map, you can get lost in the turbulent waters of academic research. With an outline, you are always sure how to structure the paper, what components to include in the text, what arguments to highlight and back, and how to wrap up the contents concisely.

We have good news for you. Here, on our website, you can find all kinds of support and information you might need in the process of studies:

  • You can access numerous samples of outline for research paper written by our professionals.
  • You can seek help with topic selection.
  • You can find expert guidance on conducting proper research and choosing credible sources.
  • You can contact your preferred writer for editing and proofreading.
  • You can order a plagiarism report for your draft.
  • You can get an expert review of the research paper with improvement recommendations.

All kinds of professional writing and editing services are one click away, readily available any time you need them.

How to Create an Outline

If you’re searching for a correct research paper outline template, here is some guidance on its completion. Once you learn the ropes of outlining and research paper writing, you’ll be ready to use our templates to complete any assignment on any topic.

How to Get Started

When you buy college essays from us, you don’t need to bother comprehending the assignment’s requirements and developing a strategy for its completion.

Yet, if you want to do everything on your own, here is a simple guide on starting:

  • Read the assignment carefully to determine the type and length of the task (e.g., a 3-page essay or a 7-page research paper).
  • Find out whether the topic is free or specified.
  • Determine the referencing style required by your professor.
  • Learn whether specific readings or types of sources should be used.

Once you’re done, it’s time to get to work.

How to Choose the Right Topic

By looking at the outline examples for research paper available on our website, you’ll see that the topic is always concisely formulated in one clear sentence.

Here are some criteria a good topic should fit:

  • Not too narrow.
  • Not too broad.
  • Consistent with the available evidence.
  • Relevant to your study course.

So, speaking about our example with medical marijuana legalization, we can propose such a topic for a Law class or a Political Science class.

How to Get Started with Research

As soon as you have clarified the broad area of your research, proceed to the research process. Study the available literature, scan through the trending topics within this area, and distill a narrower problem for analysis.

For instance, if you research the medical cannabis legalization subject on the Internet, you’ll quickly find out that the topic is hot and trending now, with the new Biden administration taking a positive stance on legalization. The laws for legalization are underway, and the whole sector is expected to experience an unprecedented boost in the coming years, if not months. Thus, a massive legal change in the USA is evident, and you can choose it as the subject of your inquiry.

How to Develop a Thesis Statement

All outline examples for research paper we publish on the website have clear and concise thesis statements. The thesis statement is the kernel of your assignment, giving the readers a crystal-clear idea of your position on the subject. So, take some extra time to polish this statement and make it reveal the whole research paper’s content.

Continuing with our example, we would propose the following thesis statement:

Under the new Biden administration, the medical cannabis sector is experiencing a massive shift in the legal environment in which it operates. This paper will examine the past gains of marijuana legalization in the USA, the current legal changes, and their implications for developing the cannabis production industry in the coming years.

How to Create an Outline

Once you have all the evidence at hand, you’re ready to complete the outline. Here is a handy research paper outline template you can use to structure your own outlines:

TOPIC: Medical marijuana legalization: history, present, and future.

Introduction: medical marijuana definition and status in the USA (setting the context). The varied stance of U.S. states on its legalization (problem). Overview of the medical marijuana market’s current status and the change that the Biden administration brought with laxer legislation (thesis statement).

Body paragraph 1 (as a research paper is more extensive than an essay, you can make it not a paragraph but a whole section): marijuana uses for medical purposes.

Body paragraph 2: ambiguous legislation on medical marijuana use (states where it is legalized and banned, the rationale for legalization and banning)

Body paragraph 3: economic outlook on the medical cannabis industry, major market players

Body paragraph 4: legal changes brought by the Biden administration and their implications on the cannabis market in the USA and Canada

CONCLUSION: ambiguity surrounding medical marijuana and the implications of evolving legislation on the subject

How to Make the First Draft

Following our example and steps above, you should already have an informative outline and a set of sources backing up your major arguments. So, it’s time to write the first draft of your assignment. Follow our tip voiced above and compose the key chunks of text first to see whether all your arguments flow well and combine to form a compelling statement. If some of them don’t work well, it’s OK to delete a weak argument or replace it with a stronger one.

When you work on the body first, you don’t need to forcefully match all information to the claims you made in the introduction. Instead, you can formulate a matching introduction once you already have all arguments completed. Everything can be polished during further steps of writing; we’re only beginning.

How to Write the Introduction

As you can see from the research paper outline template we’ve provided above, the first thing to compose is the introduction of your assignment. A pro tip is to work on the introduction after your text’s body is ready, so try both variants to see which will work better for you.

How to Write the Body of the Text

Next, the example of a college research paper outline we’ve provided contains the body of the text. It’s the central part of the assignment on which you should work most of the time. It contains all major arguments, ideas, and supportive evidence.

There can be as many paragraphs as you need in the body of the text; the number generally depends on your word count. However, don’t forget to make every paragraph substantial. A paragraph should be a minimum of 3 sentences or more, with one opening (topic) sentence and one concluding/transition sentence. In the middle, you can present statistics, additional facts, and references to credible sources backing the specific idea.

How to Write the Conclusion

Finally, as our research paper example suggests, you need to work on your research paper’s concise, analytical conclusion. Don’t forget to make it more than a summary. It should connect your paper to a broader context and show what you’ve learned in the research process.

How to Write the Second Draft

Look again at the research paper example we have provided and think of what can be improved. The draft’s polishing requires linking all parts together, checking whether each paragraph has a topic sentence and a transition, and double-checking the introduction and conclusion contents. Once everything fits correctly, you can proceed to post-writing activities.

How to Edit & Proofread

We’ve edited our research paper example three times to make it impeccable, but for beginners, even one round of thorough editing and proofreading will do. Check the text for grammar and style; make sure everything flows well; double-check subject-predicate agreement and tense use. It’s better to read the work from the end to the beginning, without focusing on the content.

Still unclear about how to complete that research paper? Not quite clear about how to use samples of outline for the research paper we’ve provided? No problem! Studies shouldn’t be torture as the harder your tasks are, the less motivated you are to address the challenges.

A wise decision is to buy essays and research papers from our experts once you’re in dire need of help with academics. We’re on standby 24/7, able to solve your academic hurdles quickly and easily. Don’t stress too much over studies; live a happy student life while we’re doing the rest.

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